OUCE 2014: Preliminary Schedule

When it comes to learning about OpenNMS, all online help and community simply does not stand a chance against meeting in real life. And the best real life opportunity to meet OpenNMS people is this year’s OpenNMS User Conference in Southampton.

With the first talks and huge support from the OpenNMS Group we’ve been able to compile a first agenda. As a long running OpenNMS User (we just discussed the pain of SLA categories in the confcall on the conference yesterday, a drama which should be quite far away for most of you!) I’m excited to see “everything you need to get going” on the Agenda – and some more. While Ken’s talk about Syslog will give you key knowledge on how to integrate OpenNMS in your system landscape, Ronny will get you going on documentation and Eric will make us blush by sharing the up and downs he experienced with round robin data storage. And his way out. If you have, like most of us, to deal with virtual infrastructures, the germans will show off and explain how to monitor that efficiently and unveil the secret workings behind the OpenNMS integration for VMWare ;)

Another two integration topics come up with Markus and Jonathan: Markus focuses on configuration management integration and Jonathan will show you how to get those tickets created (and closed!). If you’ve never taken any OpenNMS training before, the first two days are definitely for you – I doubt that there are better people to get training from than Tarus BALOG and Jeff Gehlbach ;)

Order your ticket here: http://www.amiando.com/OUCE-2014 :)

(And yes, we’re still looking for more stories and talks, let us know and fill the Call for Paper if you’d be willing to share your wisdom – our conference is a friendly one and it’s really easy to talk!)?

Looking forward to see you in April,

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