New Board, New Claim: Make OpenNMS great again

The new Board

In our last general assembly 13th April 2017 a new board was elected. Dustin Frisch is our new President, Uwe Bergmann our new Vice President and Ronny Trommer our new treasurer.

The assembly itself was very interesting. The discussion was from: “lets dissolve the foundation” to “make it great again”. At the end we decided to keep the foundation and use it further as a plattform to support OpenNMS and its users.

What will happen in the future

The board will have a meeting in a couple of days to define the next steps and the agenda for the next period. Just speaking for me: I am very interested in organizing the next OpenNMS User Conference Europe (OUCE). I spoke to a couple of friends in the last weeks and nearly all of them said they are missing the OUCE.

I think the next OUCE will happen not earlier than next year.

So stay tuned. We will keep you up to date regarding the foundation an the OUCE.

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