Call for Papers – OUCE 2014

The 2014 edition of the OpenNMS User Conference Europe will take place at University of Southampton UK, at 10th April 2014 and 11th April 2014.

Your contribution matters!

The 2014 edition of the OpenNMS User Conference objectives are to shape the community and extend our vision. We run our conference in the following four topics:

  • Projects
  • Technology
  • Lightning Talks


Everything has a start and nothing is perfect. The great thing in a community is to share knowledge and get input from others for real world use cases. You have build a cool solution with or around OpenNMS with other tools and would like share it? – This is your place. You can inspire other people following your path and inspire developers to think about further improvements. You have the possibility to meet other people to improve your solution. Even if you have installed bleeding-edge stuff or you made some experiences in the wild network management world – please submit your talk or workshop here!


Network management is hard. It has requirements to scalability and needs a lot of integration points. You build a business integration and you have extended OpenNMS – this is the track in which we learn about how to make OpenNMS works best.

Lightning Talks

You don’t have enough content or time to prepare a talk for 45 minutes, but you have a cool idea or a solution you want to share. Lightning talks are just 10 minutes long and can give others inspiration or good kick starts for discussions new ideas.


Talks will be recorded and made available on our website after the conference (unless you tell us that you’d prefer not to be made public). All recordings will be available without any special logins.

Who is attending?

The last conferences were attended by OpenNMS users, prospect users and open source interested folks from all over Europe and the USA. In average we counted around 70 participants. The 2014 conference is limited to a maximum of 70 participants. The profile is ranging from system administrators to programmers to IT managers.

What’s in for you?

The OpenNMS Foundation Europe e.V. is a non-profit organization. We will take care of your conference ticket that includes accommodation during the conference. Travel cost need to be discussed on an individual basis.

Call for paper proceeding

The call for paper is open until 2014-03-31. The talks will be evaluated by public voting. The topics only will be published for voting, with the idea to create a conference which is interesting and allows to shape the community (see above). To get the agenda stable soon we potentially start a first voting round during 2014.

Thank you for your interest in presenting your project or solution at the OpenNMS User Conference Europe 2014. You can propose

  • Presentation (max 45min)
  • Workshop (max 90min)
  • Lightning Talk (max 10min)

How to submit your proposal

In order to submit your proposal, please go to OUCE 2014 CFP, register your proposal and make sure you provide valid contact information. This proposal form is to be used only for your personal proposal.

You have questions regarding the conference, please register the ouce2014 mailing list, where you can get in contact with the organization team.

After the review period, ending March 31st, you will get notified if your proposal is accepted. Please take notice of our policies as well. Among some other things we assume that your speech will be contributed under a creative commons license and that you buy in on providing a harassment-free conference environment for everyone.

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