Membership fees:



annual fee

Natürliche Personen (ordentliche Mitglieder)

Individual, full members


Juristische Personen (ordentliche Mitglieder)

Corporate individual members

100 EURO

Förderndes MitgliedSupporting Members Mindestens>
500 EUR

Full members have full voting rights and participate actively in the association. This is the membership if you want to contribute to the foundation projects and invest your time (and material) into the foundation.

If you simply want to support the OpenNMS Foundation without getting actively involved in the inner works, you can become a supporting member. This membership is thought for companies who use OpenNMS and want to give back into the community. The fee for supporting members is a minimum fee, you can opt to give more if you want.

Membership fees are (at least in Germany) tax-deductible once we are a registered non-profit.

Membership benefits: Apart from the cozy warm feeling of doing something good and being part of a group of outstandingly bright and attractive individuals, our members will receive discounts on the events we organize, at least. Depending on our numbers we might be able to organize dedicated events and training, too – but to do that, we need members. A lot of members! So join! us! now! :-)

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